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If you are seeking a solution to stretch your bench press potential and achieve greater muscle gain, you’ve found it! Here at BenchPressMax, we understand the frustration any individual faces in weightlifting. We know how you just can’t seem to get past that sticking point and how that desired goal always looks far from achievable.

With BenchPressMax, such weightlifting problems will be a thing of the past. Start gaining valuable insight into the individual aspects of weight training. This all-inclusive guide will not only provide you with information and techniques on improving your weight training potential, but also vital information and essential tips on what you should do and the mistakes you should stop making!

BenchPressMax isn’t here to promise you results. It’s here to SHOW it to you.

Experience the benefits immediately and constantly

Start shattering your bench press limits and gaining the muscle mass you’ve been dreaming of with immediate effect. BenchPressMax also makes sure your progress stays updated by providing you with regular updates on essential factors such as exercises, programs, supplements, specials, equipment and more!

Because gaining results isn’t a one-off thing, BenchPressMax makes sure the information and support you receive is constantly updated and accessible throughout!

For anyone and everyone, from beginners to experts

Because BenchPressMax does not introduce any ridiculously tough exercise regimes, there is no age limit, and it applies to anyone who is interested in improving his/her muscle gaining potential. Because the workouts are explained in simple, easy-to-follow steps, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have in weightlifting. BenchPressMax has been designed such that even individuals with no experience in weightlifting can gain an advantage over others!

There are no gimmicks, secret formulas or ridiculous exercises needed. What you will be provided with, instead, is a proven plan with full support from our staff that will dramatically increase your chances of success. Start learning things like:

  • How your triceps workout affects your bench results
  • Why NOT to keep changing your bench routine
  • The ideal number of reps for achieving huge gains
  • How changing your form can add pounds to your bench fast
  • Why not to use a wide grip
  • How to leverage on speed in your workout
  • What role do your legs play in increasing your bench-press
  • Which supplements are worth your hard-earned money and which are just marketing hype

Tested, Proven and Safe

BenchPressMax has been used by hundreds of power-lifting athletes to set State, National and even World records. These are people who have impressed the world with results gained from our flagship program!

Start breaking personal records and achieving goals that until now, have only been a fantasy. Achieve all of these results without the use of steroids and other harmful drugs that do nothing but destroy your body from within.

Additional Information

Make use of readily available tools right here at to kick-start and improve your workouts, so you can start enjoying huge gains as soon as possible.

  • Our BenchPressMax calculator and BenchPressMax chart can be used to determine your current ability and is especially useful for workouts without a spotter.
  • Use the exercise and video links to observe exactly how exercises should be done, minimizing injury while maximizing results.
  • Our supplement section provides the latest information on which supplements can improve your workout performance and which are just hype.
  • Read up on our exercise equipment to find out how you can save hundreds of dollars while achieving more than your current workouts


Start using this website to boast about your current bench accomplishments. Post your comments and link yourself to people with similar interests across the world. Take advantage of personalized training advice available to subscribers of the BenchPressMax program.

Start Doing

While this site provides you with critical and updated information on bringing your bench press limits to greater levels, results only start showing when you start doing. Start by learning proper form and you will get past those sticking points with ease. Gain the latest information that has been tested in real world applications and proven to produce actual results.

To accelerate your weightlifting potential and gains, order the BenchPressMax program and gain an unfair advantage over others!


Yours in Good Health,

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Disclaimer: Before attempting any exercises, programs, routines, or modifying your current diet/supplement program you must get approval from a licensed medical practitioner. Any methods or advice given in this web site must be reviewed with your physician. Before attempting any new exercises or routines a full physical examination is highly recommended.

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