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Bench Press Calculator- Determine Your 1 Rep Max!

This bench press calculator can be used to determine your estimated one rep maximum lift. Simply type in the weight you lifted and then use the drop down box to indicate how many reps you did it for. The total displayed is your estimated one rep max.

This is a useful tool especially if you do not have a spotter available to go for your max lift. Instead, you can perform at a safer lower weight for multiple reps. To convert your weight in pounds to kilograms you just divide the number displayed by 2.2. To convert kilograms to pounds just multiply the kilogram total by 2.2. This bench press calculator can be used for any lift including but not limited to: Bench press, Squat, and Deadlift. It is not an exact number but rather a reasonable estimate. Calculators such as this have been used for decades.

Want to figure out your one rep max the "old school" way? Use the bench press max chart.


1 Rep Max Calculator

Your 1 rep max:


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