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Bench Press Equipment can be Found in Multiple Variations

Bench press equipment; When people consider upper body training, the bench press presents a ready image in the mind's eye.  Although seemingly simple in appearance, the bench press incorporates multiple pieces of equipment. Each piece is equally important and should be carefully reviewed so as to provide the most comfortable workout.


The bench is perhaps the most essential and diverse component of bench press equipment. In essence, this consists of a flat, raised platform on which to lie. The platform is padded for comfort with extended support arms attached. These supports are for stabilizing and resting the barbell.  

While the basic shape and appearance remain the same on most models, assorted varieties of the flat bench are available. For example, supports for the barbell can be single, multiple, or adjustable. Some flat benches also feature rails on which to rest your feet.

Adjustable benches are another factor for consideration. Many beginners start their training on a flat bench; however, the incline of an adjustable bench provides a different form of exercise altogether. Adjustable benches raise an individual so he or she is sitting at a thirty-degree angle. This allows for greater focus on the upper pectoral and anterior deltoid muscles.

Barbells and Weights

Barbells and weights provide a number of options. Barbells alone are accessible in multiple sizes. Those individuals desirous of an intense workout may consider the Olympic barbell, which is seven feet long and weighs forty-five pounds. Smaller barbells, in terms of both length and weight, are also available.

Weights for the bar range from approximately one pound to forty-five pounds. The matter from which they are made is another point of selection. Cast iron is the most common element, but some weights are also comprised of chrome.

Additional Options

Olympic and multi-exercise benches are variations of the flat bench. The Olympic is known to be a durable bench that can readily support additional weight as your workout increases. The multi-exercise bench generally has leg attachments, such as curl pads, for lower-body workouts.

Dumbbells are optional pieces of bench press equipment that can enhance a workout. Small, stabilizing muscles of the body are optimally worked with these. Dumbbells are found in a wide range of weights to complement barbell exercises.

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